Love is in the air, but what’s a nice Jewish boy to do when he finds himself perpetually single on Valentine’s Day? Why, turn to bubbe and zayde, of course!

Such is the premise of a charming new video from the Los Angeles Jewish Home, which most recently brought us the equally humorous clip, Seniors Explaining Yiddish.

In this newest video, a nice young man heads to the Jewish living center to get some tips on how to woo the ladies. The results are as entertaining as you might imagine.

“It’s like kissing a paper in a magazine,” one retiree says of online dating. “I mean, what good is that?”

“That’s horrible,” says another on dating apps. “I think it has no feeling.”

“I don’t know if you can meet people like that. I never heard of people coming out of a machine.”

Watch the video for yourself above–it might just help you out this Valentine’s Day!

From the Los Angeles Jewish Home:

For you, a little mazel: In honor of Sweetheart’s Day (February 14), we have some dating advice to those seeking love at any age from experts who have seen it all before. Sympathetic and wise; practical and nurturing; funny and sweet — seniors at the Los Angeles Jewish Home make the perfect matchmakers. They know from experience what it takes to light a spark and turn it into a flame.