Unidentified suspects startled passengers on a Belgian train when they used the speaker system to instruct Jews to disembark and take a “short shower” at Auschwitz.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching Auschwitz. All Jews are requested to disembark and take a short shower,” an individual said in French over the speaker.


The incident occurred January 31 around 5 pm–rush hour–causing the SNCB rail company to file an incitement to hate complaint with local police.

The news made headlines yesterday after it was reported to Viviane Teitelbaum, a Jewish lawyer who spoke about the investigation to Belgian broadcaster RTL. Teitelbaum told RTL she spoke with a witness, who suspects a group of adolescents gained access to a set of keys allowing them to enter into the train compartment where the speaker equipment was housed.

In 2012, a similar incident occurred when an individual used speakers on the same train line to announce, “Welcome to this train heading to Auschwitz. All Jews are requested to disembark at Buchenwald.”