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Seeing an ex in public after your breakup is always an awkward experience. One of you could be doing amazingly well, with a new significant other, a hot new look and a great new job, while the other has done nothing since your breakup besides adopt a few cats and gain 30 pounds.

Even if you’re both perfectly happy with your lives it can still be an uncomfortable situation…as exes Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel found out during an on-air interview.

Silverman and Kimmel dated for five years and broke up in 2008, and while they’ve seen each other since, a TV interview is a whole ‘nother story.

Silverman was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” promoting her new HBO comedy special and decided to bring her ex a box of his old stuff.

“It’s like I never left, only you’re married,” Silverman said to her former beau as she held a box marked “Jimmy’s Stuff.”

“I loved you,” she said as she took a pair of Kimmel’s old socks from the box along with a phone charger and jeans from before he slimmed down. In true Sarah Silverman form, the bit also contained a fake love-child.

“Isn’t this like weird, but good weird? This is human nature. This is the way life is,” said Silverman. “People break up, and exes are gonna bump into each other. They’re gonna cross paths. They’re gonna be on each other’s talk shows, you know? It’s the cycle of life.”

Despite Kimmel’s and Silverman’s best efforts to make the interview lighthearted and funny, there was still a distinct air of awkwardness. Better luck next time!

Sarah Silverman’s comedy special”We Are Miracles” premieres Nov. 23 at 10 pm on HBO.

J-Connection: Sarah Silverman is Jewish.