A Jewish journalist recently completed a social experiment to reveal exactly how Jews are treated in France.

Zvika Klein donned a kippah and prayer tassels then walked the streets of Paris to see what sort of reactions he would generate. The results were less than appealing.

In the video, Klein is subjected to several incidents of spitting, calls of “Jew” and “homo,” and a taunt of “Viva Palestine.” In one chilling encounter, Klein is followed and stared down by a silent passer-by.

The video is shot in a similar style to the street harassment video that recently went viral.

The clip ends with some startling facts–in 2014, 85 acts of anti-Semitic attacks were reported in France, and the Anti-Defamation League names the country the most hateful against Jews in all of Europe.

In a YouTube posting, Klein wrote, “Welcome to Paris 2015, where soldiers are walking every street that houses a Jewish institution, and where keffiyeh-wearing men and veiled women speak Arabic on every street corner.”

France was recently the site of a hostage crisis in a kosher shop, which left four Jews dead.

“Is this what life is like for Paris’ Jews?” Klein asks. “Is this what a Jew goes through, day in and day out, while walking to work or using public transportation?”