Arianna Skin Care is a beauty line taking the world by storm. Using the restorative power of the Dead Sea minerals, these products allow US and global consumers to take advantage of some of the best Israel has to offer. With Arianna stores in Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Rhode Island and Boston, as well as an online shop, now everyone can benefit from the remarkable benefits of the Dead Sea.

Jspace recently caught up with Arianna Skin Care founder and CEO Miri Torres to learn more.


Your company is named for a poignant reason. Can you explain to us the backstory?

The name of the company holds a lot of significance for me. It symbolizes hope, optimism, and triumph over obstacles. When I was 17 years old, I was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Most of the doctors I visited held very little hope for my treatment and recovery. This was until I met Doctor Arianna (I would rather not disclose her last name) with whose help and guidance I was able to beat the disease against all odds and recover by the time I was 18. In fact, I ended up joining the Navy and volunteering for the intelligence service. I chose to name my brand after Dr. Arianna as a small gesture of honor and appreciation.

How can cosmetics and beauty rituals empower women facing their own health issues?

I believe that confidence is a critical prerequisite for success and a sense of wellbeing. Every woman should be confidant in her appearance and I believe that effort and education empower women to improve both health and appearance. This is especially true for women facing a health condition or challenge. My own experience with cancer and its treatment dramatically affected how I looked and felt – I gained 60 pounds, my skin bruised and cracked easily, and my confidence was destroyed. Since my immune system was severely weakened, I had to be especially careful with the products I used. This experience is what ultimately inspired me to seek all natural solutions and to also develop rituals and routines that extend beyond skin care and cosmetics to include lifestyle habits like eating well and exercising. Ever since these trying times it has been my goal and mission to create and offer to all women natural skin care solutions that do not simply mask an issue but work with the body in a holistic manner to deliver true and lasting results.


What are some of the unique restorative powers you’ve noticed from the Dead Sea?

What makes the Dead Sea so unique is that it is a veritable treasure trove of minerals, which are critical in maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. Wholly 35 percent of Dead Sea water is comprised of 21 different types of minerals including calcium, potassium, and magnesium. This unique and concentrated composition has such a positive impact on blood circulation, fluid retention, and aching joints that it has been known to do wonders for people with various skin conditions and health ailments. Dead Sea minerals are also known to effectively combat common signs of aging such as wrinkling, sagging, discoloration, and skin dehydration. This is why our products help people achieve and maintain optimal skin conditioning and health, which naturally leads to a great appearance.

How are your products manufactured–what is the business connection to Israel?

Arianna Skincare’s products are manufactured right at the source – at TDOT Laboratories on the banks of the Dead Sea in Arad. I work closely with expert dermatologists to develop all natural and uniquely effective products that are the result of the best nature has to offer and the latest in scientific technologies and breakthroughs. I take immense pride in the fact that a big part of the business is connected to Israel. Not only are the products conceived, developed, and manufactured there, but other integral parts of the business – from graphic design, packaging, and even employee recruitment takes place there as well. As an Israeli-born Jewish person who lived in Israel until the age of 22, it has been an honor for me to be able to bring something uniquely representative of Israel to the American marketplace and to contribute to Israel’s global recognition and reputation.

What do you say to those who support a boycott of Israeli products?

I am of the opinion that boycotts are blunt instruments that indiscriminately hurt innocent parties on all sides of a dispute. It saddens me when people advocate such an extreme approach. I believe that free exchange, trade and commerce are some of the biggest contributors to mutual understanding, cooperation and peace.

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