ArticleImage3Jewish dating app Jcrush recently hit the App Store. The simple, location-based iPhone app allows users to find, chat and meet up with Jewish “crushes” near them. 

How does it work? Users log in via their Facebook account and with the swipe of a finger can sort potential matches by “Oy Vey,” “Maybe” or “Crush.” If the crush is mutual, the app connects users in a private chat and they take it from there.

The app’s advantage is the possibility to go back to your “Oy Vey” and “Maybe” lists and re-arrange your crushes. Want to give your “Maybe” guy a chance? Go back to your Maybes and swipe right to “Crush” him and see if there is a potential match!

The app currently has an array of users of all different ages and geographic locations. Jspace chatted with the app’s COO, Sonya Kreizman to find out how Jcrush will revolutionize the way Jewish singles date.

Jspace: Why Jcrush?

Sonya Kreizman: Jcrush is a way for Jewish singles to make connections anytime, anyplace. Whether you are looking to meet eligible men or women in your own city or you are visiting a new city, Jcrush will connect you with Jewish singles immediately. While leaving it up to fate to meet someone organically works for some people, in our busy day and age, I think having the option of taking matters into your own hands can speed up the process of finding someone! Use Jcrush to meet new people and fill your days and nights with plenty of dates and activities to explore with them!

How does Jcrush make dating easy?

How many times have you been walking down the street, locked eyes with somebody attractive… and just kept on walking? It happens to us every day! While we may be too shy to approach each other in person, Jcrush is an easy way to say “hello.” Break the ice over the app, and continue the conversation in person!

Do you think it’s hard to meet people, despite the many dating websites out there?

Let’s face it, even in a city as big as New York City, it’s a small world. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my girlfriends asking the million-dollar question: “Where are all then normal Jewish guys?” Now, when you’re sitting at brunch with a group of girlfriends having the same conversation about where to meet a nice Jewish boy, you can get on Jcrush and find out what cute Jewish boys are nearby!

How do you use Jcrush?

Technology is our best friend and the simpler it is, the easier our lives are. Just open the app and log in through Facebook. Jcrush will automatically create a profile for you by importing your name, age and a few pictures. The app then finds your location by GPS and you are ready to scroll through potential matches. You have three options to sort your matches by: “Crush,” “Maybe” and “Oy Vey.” If the crush is mutual, Jcrush will connect you in a private chat.

What is special about Jcrush?

Well, for one, it will keep your bubbe and mom happy. You can meet a nice—or naughty—Jewish boy or girl, depending on what you like. Another amazing feature is the “Maybe” list. We wanted to give people the opportunity to put a match on hold and think about it. Matches can be reevaluated from “Maybe” at any time—so don’t feel any pressure to make a snap decision. We don’t want people to regret rejecting someone; even “Oy Veys” can be reconsidered and crushed. If your first gut instinct was right and the “Oy Vey” guy ends up being a schmuck, you can always block him!

What’s next for Jcrush?

Our next step is to make the app available on Android as we’ve received many requests for it. Our downloads per day are very impressive and it’s important for us to be available on the biggest mobile platforms to have an international presence as well.

Download Jcrush here.