June 14 marks the anniversary of a major transport of Jews from Vienna to the Majdanek and Sobibor concentration camps in World War II.

Israel’s Holocaust trust, Yad Vashem, shared the following reflections on the anniversary:

On 14 June 1942 one thousand Jews were deported from Vienna.

The transport stopped at a train station in Lublin where selection was carried out on the deportees and 51 able bodied men aged between 15 and 50 were taken off the train and sent to the Majdanek concentration camp.

The remaining 949 Jews continued to Sobibor where they were murdered on arrival.

When they returned to Vienna, the officer and the two sergeants who had accompanied the train handed in an expense report. For guarding the Jewish deportees and for their journey back to Vienna, they were paid 260 Reichsmark.

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