John Kerry is making his second trip to Israel in as many weeks, with plans to visit both Jerusalem and Ramallah.

The US secretary of state will continue his intervention in peace talks between the Jewish state and Palestine, which opened back up this year after nearly three years of a freeze. Since the negotiations picked back up, Kerry has been a near-constant presence in the region.

During today’s meetings, the American diplomat will talk with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Kerry will travel to Asia after the visit.

This week, the secretary of state addressed a gathering at the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in Washington, speaking on the recent nuclear deal with Iran, an issue Israel has staunchly criticized US and world leaders over.

“We will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon – not now, not ever. And I promise you that.”

“I believe, as President Obama does, that Israel will be far more secure if we can also put to test the possibilities of the two-state solution,” Kerry said. “And so we will continue to attempt to do that despite the skepticism, despite the cynicism in some quarters.”

The secretary added that he is in frequent communication with Netanyahu, speaking with the Israeli leader as often as two to three times a week.