Members of the Green Knesset team met with leaders from Tel Aviv University to talk about TAU’s newest construction project. Set to open in May 2014, the green building, located on top of the current University Train Station, features a number of environmentally-friendly technologies and green practices.

Boasting a modern glass façade and financed by Dame Shirley Porter, former lord mayor of Westminster and benefactor of the Porter School of Environmental Studies, the sustainable structure was built to demonstrate Israel’s green technologies and serve as a living lab for green building practices.


“We feel that by having a building that is highly technical, other people will use this as an example,” Porter said during the visit with Knesset officials, which featured a tour of the innovative building.

Arie Nesher, director of the Porter School agreed, claiming the new building will be a “study building” for green construction in Israel.

During the tour, Nesher explained that the futuristic-looking building was designed not only to conserve energy but to actually produce it, showing visitors a graduated lighting system that maximized natural light usage and talking about the air conditioning system, which will use solar-thermal energy to reduce costs.

Pointing to the elevators, Nesher added, “Our elevators produce electricity.”

The Green Knesset team members were clearly impressed with the TAU project and its innovative use of green technologies and hoped that the meeting with TAU could be the basis for more collaboration.

“I have no doubt that we need to cooperate with you because the knowledge exists here,” Samuel Chayen, spokesman for the Green Knesset project, said.

He added that the Green Knesset program has been considering “using the Israeli Knesset as a study building just like this one,” and the expertise gleaned from TAU’s successes would be valuable to efforts to make the Knesset building green.