Samir Geagea, a well known Lebanese Christian leader and high ranking figure in the country’s anti-Hezbollah political alliance, denounced Hezbollah’s attack on Israel on Wednesday.

“Today’s development indicates that Hezbollah is more and more expanding its regional schemes against the Lebanese state,” Geagea said, Lebanon’s Daily Star reported.

“Hezbollah has no right to implicate the Lebanese people in a battle with Israel,” he added. “There is a government and a parliament which can decide on that.”

Two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven were wounded in a Hezbollah terrorist attack on Wednesday near Mount Dov, along the border with Lebanon.

Geagea is a senior figure in the “March 14 Alliance,” a group mostly composed of Sunni Muslims, Christians, and liberals who are opposed to the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis.

A Maronite Christian, Geagea’s Lebanese Forces political party currently holds eights seats in the Lebanese parliament, making it the country’s second-largest Christian party.

Meanwhile, Druze political leader Walid Jumblatt wrote on Twitter that Lebanon has “entered a phase of big troubles” and cautioned Lebanon to take precautions against a possible larger Israeli retaliation.

Lebanon has been locked in a political stalemate between the March 14 Alliance and the pro-Hezbollah March 8 Alliance, leaving the country without a president for more than half a year. Tammam Salam, Lebanon’s prime minister, is a caretaker rather than an authoritative leader.