Leonard Nimoy’s son is surely celebrating after raising enough money to make a documentary about his famous father.

The Star Trek legend’s son Adam announced that he was working on a film project about his dad, titled For the Love of Spock, following the actor’s death in February, at age 83.

He launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.com and has now announced he has reached his goal of $600,000 to begin production.

A message posted on the Kickstarter page reads, “With $662,640 raised in just four weeks, we’re now officially the most successful documentary project in the history of Kickstarter! That is only thanks to all of you and your generous support. I can’t tell you how grateful I am personally for your participation in this great undertaking. There is much to do to complete the film, and I promise to do the best I can to keep you updated and informed as For The Love Of Spock begins to take shape. Again, thank you for providing me with the tools I need to complete this project which will hopefully add an important new chapter to the Star Trek tradition.”

J-Connection: Leonard Nimoy was a beloved Jewish actor.