The best part of Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show has got to be the videos it produces, the most recent of which are a series of fake movie trailers based on YouTube memes.

Kimmel answers the questions you always wanted to know, like, “What if ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ was a Christopher Nolan revenge flick starring the Hemsworth brothers” and “Who would play Sweet Brown in a movie?”


The videos are each uniquely hilarious, and they feature an all-star cast of Kimmel’s friends, frequent collaborators and A-List guests. Several of these familiar faces are some of our favorite Jews.

Baz Luhrman’s David After Dentist Double Rainbow Oh My God (in 3D) combines two hilarious YouTube videos and stars two Jews: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as David and Seth Rogen as the Double Rainbow guy (perfect casting). Watch below:

The bogus trailer for Sweet Brown: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That has Queen Latifa as the Internet celebrity, with “Girls'” Adam Driver playing a young Steve Jobs. There’s even a cameo by THE Sweet Brown herself. Watch:

And in Ameowadeus, “Homeland” star Mandy Patinkin is a very fancy cat, alongside Ben Kingsley. See it below:

J-Connection: Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Adam Driver, Mandy Patinkin and Ben Kingsley are all Jewish.