A Lithuanian lawmaker made headlines after claiming Jews “are just looking to take” from his government.

The comment was made by Lithuanian parliament member Bronius Bradauskas in an interview with the BNS news agency.

“I judge this statement to be very negative and it doesn’t represent the party’s position,” Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius said late last month.

A spokesperson for the Social Democratic Party, the political party of both the prime minister and Bradauskas, added it “does not tolerate any forms of anti-Semitism.”

Bradauskas made the statement after being asked about a proposal to extend extra pension payments to 200 Lithuanian Righteous Among the Nations, gentiles recognized by Israel for efforts to save Jewish lives in the Holocaust.

“I do not see why the Lithuanian state should pay,” Bradauskas said. “It would be quite logical if we turned to Israel, and that it should pay. But no, the Jews do not want to pay, they are just looking to take from Lithuania.”