London Mayor Boris Johnson thinks a boycott of Israel in “completely crazy.”

The eccentric politician made the comments while visiting the Jewish state today, according to the London paper The Jewish News.

“(A trade boycott) would be completely crazy…Why would you – of all the countries in the region, why would you boycott the one which is actually a functioning democracy and a pluralist, open society and all the rest of it?”

“I think the movement for a boycott is not very well supported. A few lefty academics probably.”

“Whatever the criticisms of Israel may be, some of them justified, some of them less so, and even if it is a tragic fact that the Balfour declaration has been fulfilled more in the protasis than in the apodosi – i.e. the first clause and not the saving clause – it is still the case that Israel is the only democracy in the region, the only free country, the only pluralist society.

“And that is why I believe so fervently in this country and always have done, and that is why I reject completely the suggestion of some UK academics that Israel – of all the countries in the Middle East – should be the subject of a boycott.”