The popular American comedian Louis C.K. is set to perform in Israel on Aug. 18 at Jerusalem’s Pais Arena.

Known for his dark, self-deprecating, and observational humor, Louis C.K. initially announced his plans to perform in Israel during an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show last month. The official details of his Jerusalem show were released Monday.

Tickets quickly sold out, prompting C.K. to add an additional show to the lineup.

“I’m going to Israel and doing a show like at a soccer stadium or something there and I’ll get as much money over there as I would here at home,” Louis told Stern, referring to the financial difficulties resulting from the fact that his self-financed show, “Horace and Pete,” has not fared as well as he expected.

Born Louis Szekely, the comedian was raised Catholic, but his paternal grandfather, Dr. Geza Szekely Schweiger, was a Hungarian Jew whose family immigrated to Mexico.