Madonna shocked fans over the weekend by kissing rapper Drake onstage at the Coachella music festival in California when she joined him as a surprise guest on Sunday night.

The kiss appeared to be improvised–at least Drake seemed taken by surprise!

The Material Girl hitmaker appeared as the hip-hop star performed a track named after the pop icon and she then added a medley of her own hits, including Human Nature and Express Yourself.

At one point during her set, she walked up behind Drake, pulled his head back and locked lips with him.

Madonna then strutted off stage and Drake yelled out, “Oh s**t, what the f**k just happened?” During the end of the kiss, Drake was seen flailing his arms, then wiped his mouth afterward, leading some gossip sites to surmise that the PDA wasn’t entirely welcome.

Madonna has since shared pictures and videos of the smooch on

Madonna also sang her own medley of tracks, including “Human Nature,” “Hung Up” and “Bitch I’m Madonna,” at the popular music festival.

J-Connection: Drake is a Jewish rapper from Canada. Footage of his bar mitzvah has even been used in one of his music videos!