The Jewish community of Morocco has gathered together to pray for rain, a special request that came straight from the King.

Prayers were conducted over the weekend at synagogues throughout the North African country, which has a large and vibrant Jewish community—about 3,000 strong. King Mohammed VI asked for the help upon learning Morocco is expected to experience a drought in 2014.

The Council of Israelite Communities in Morocco released a statement upon learning of the request, saying it “invites worshippers to pray in all the synagogues in the Kingdom,” so God might “spare out our country and help His Highness the King.”

“In conformity with the high instructions of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, commander of the faithful, these prayers will be called for in all the synagogues to implore the Almighty to spread ample rain throughout the territory of the Kingdom,” the Council of the Jewish Community stated.

King Mohammed made similar requests to the nation’s Muslim community.

The royal leader is noted for his work preserving Jewish heritage sites. Earlier this month, he also met with Jack Lang, a French Jewish former minister who is also the head of the Arab World Institute.