It’s the mensches versus the schmucks in a throwdown fit for reality television.

The “Nice Jewish Guys” calendar is threatening the “Naughty Jewish Boys” calendar with legal action over trademark confusion.


Adam Cohen, the nice Jewish guy behind the kosher version of the calendar, does not approve of Astoria playwright Duncan Pflaster’s vision of Jewish masculinity. His lawyer has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Pflaster demanding he “cease all advertising and promotion for, and all production, sales, distribution and shipping of, calendars under or bearing the ‘Naughty Jewish Boys’ name or mark, or any other name or mark containing or comprising the phrase ‘Naughty Jewish’ combined with ‘boys,’ ‘guys,’ ‘men’ or any other synonyms thereof.”

Cohen founded the “Nice Jewish Guys” in 2011, featuring wholesome, clothed Jewish young men with brief bios. Now the annual wall calendar enjoys a cross-promotional deal with JDate.

In contrast, Pflaster’s “Naughty Jewish Boys” calendar originated with a Craigslist ad accusing Cohen’s product of “emasculating” Jewish men and vowing to “show the sexy side of Judaism.”

“I don’t think there’s any way our calendars can be confused,” Pflaster told The New York Post. “I’ve tried to make that clear on the website and on all of the materials.”

View some naughty Jewish boys below and decide for yourself: