A German neo-Nazi rally in the city of Freiburg was called off during the afternoon of February 2 after members of the fascist group accidentally boarded the wrong train.

According to The Guardian, approximately 20 National Democratic party (NPD) members were held back by police from boarding a bus full of far-left soccer fans, as police feared that a fight would break out between the two groups.

The police directed the neo-Nazis to a train platform instead, and conveyed the relevant information about the train routes.

However, the bumbling neo-Nazis apparently got on the train without checking its destination, arriving in Mannheim rather than Freiburg, where a protest in solidarity with a female NPD student, who was allegedly barred from taking an exam in public management due to her ties with the neo-Nazi group, was scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

Despite the neo-Nazi no-show, a counter-protest in Freiburg took place as planned, with Freiburg deputy mayor, Otto Neideck, saying, “We didn’t miss them.

“I don’t know how it happened, but the NPD phoned us up and said they’re not coming, and that they’re on a train to Mannheim,” a police spokesperson said of the incident.

“The NPD is now saying they went to Mannheim deliberately.”