Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the annual World Economic Forum in Davos today, using the podium to speak to rising concerns over Iran’s nuclear program.

Netanyahu argued at the plenum that not only is the Islamic republic a threat to the Jewish state, but to the Arab world as well.

“Central Arab governments are preoccupied with the Iranian nuclear weapons and the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.

“The nations do not see Israel as an enemy but as a potential ally to combat these threats. They are not assured by the words spoke earlier by the president of Iran. They get it. We all wish there was a real change in Iran.”

Bibi also called the Iranian government a hazard to potential peace between Israel and Palestine, saying, “Half of Palestinian society is dominated by Iran’s proxy.”

The Israeli leader added that should Iran stifle its anti-Zionist policies, peace talks with the Palestinian Authority might move forward.

“There would be a great boom for peace…The removal of that threat [Iran] would help advance peace.”

Netanyahu also argued that economic ties, a major theme at the conference, is a key stepping stone to building a relationship with Palestinian counterparts.

“Investment in economic peace assists the development of political peace — especially with the Palestinians,” Netanyahu said.

“We’ve had some cooperation between Israeli entrepreneurs and Palestinian entrepreneurs.”

Netanyahu concluded by touting Israel’s reputation as a startup nation, adding it is also an “innovation nation.”

“From the Talmud to Einstein, Jewish people were always asking questions,” he said. “The questioning mind is something in our culture and adds very much to our capacities. We’re very small, everything is close by, and everyone competes and collaborates with each other.”

“This is an invitation to innovation nation, it’s open for business, it’s open for your business, please come join us.”