Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with President Barack Obama in Washington yesterday, using the time to focus on Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“If Iran is prevented from enriching uranium and dismantles fully its military nuclear capability [Israel would accept the deal],” Netanyahu told the president, in reference to US efforts to make a sanctions deal with the Islamic republic.


“Israel cannot permit such a state to have the ability to make a bomb,” the Israeli leader added. “We just cannot be brought back to the brink of destruction. I as the prime minister of Israel will do whatever I must to defend the Jewish state.”

Netanyahu also referenced the new round of peace talks with Palestine, indicating he felt the West Bank has not done its fair share to move the process along.

“Israel has been doing its part, and I regret to say the Palestinians haven’t,” he said.

Obama responded by saying “tough decisions will have to be made,” as the timeframe for the US-brokered talks is close to expiring.


Meanwhile, Netanyahu also addressed the annual AIPAC conference in Washington this morning, using the occasion to once again address the Iran problem.

“Unfortunately the leading powers of the world are talking about leaving Iran with the capability to enrich uranium,” he told the pro-Israel organization. “I hope they don’t do that, because that would be a grave error. It would leave Iran as a threshold nuclear power.”

Bibi also addressed the peace process with Palestine, calling on President Mahmoud Abbas to first recognize the right of the Jewish state to exist.

“President Abbas, recognize the Jewish state,” Netanyahu said. “In doing so you will tell your people that, though we have a territorial dispute, Israel’s right to exist is beyond dispute. You would finally make it clear that you are truly prepared to end the conflict. No excuses, it is time.”