The Netanyahu family took time out today to go on something of a holiday–in their own land.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his wife Sara, and their two adult sons trekked across the desert on camels, visited the Negev, and snapped photos in front of historical landmarks.

netanyahu's sons

It all made for a perfect photo op this Pesach. From Netanyahu:

“My family and I spent the day in the country of ours, as hordes of families in Israel do.

“We visited the ancient town in the Negev, where we saw the full glory of the Negev. We also saw the promising future of the Negev, and we got much love in Be’er Sheva and Dimona.

bibi camel

“We were near Tel Sheva, where Abraham was nearly 4,000 years ago, where we’re starting a new Cyber Campus. We have the future in hands.

“I wish all the people of Israel to enjoy Passover and Easter. Take care, drive carefully so that the holiday will be joyous.

“And all I want to send thanks to all IDF soldiers, border police, security forces and the police, who guard us every day — even on this day. Wishing complete recovery to the wounded soldiers who were wounded today, and thank you for the courage and determination to thwart the attack.”

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