Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the king of Jordan yesterday, to discuss strengthening ties and the current Palestinian peace process.

Bibi met with King Abdullah II at the royal palace in Amman, in an unannounced sit down that took place behind closed doors.

“The prime minister emphasized the important role Jordan, under the leadership of King Abdullah, plays in the efforts to achieve a peace agreement with the Palestinians,” read a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

“The prime minister stressed that Israel has placed an emphasis on security arrangements, including Jordanian interests, in any future agreement.”

Jordan is one of only two Arab nations to have a formal, signed treaty with Israel—the other is Egypt.

A palace statement said the meeting was meant to “build on the opportunity made available by the consolidated efforts of the US secretary of state to achieve tangible progress in the peace negotiations.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to return soon to the Middle East with a proposed framework of peace, which, if accepted by both sides, would act as a starting off point to construct a more permanent agreement.

Jordan is often seen as a crucial ally in building relations between Israel and Palestine, as Amman has close working ties with both.