Israeli President Rueven Rivlin accepted Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government in a Knesset ceremony today, officially marking Bibi’s fourth term as prime minister.

“Citizens of Israel, I would like to thank you for the trust you gave me to lead the country at this time,” Netanyahu said. “I see myself as a Prime Minister of each and every one of you, those who have chosen me and those who don’t.”

“Now we have to put the election behind us and focus on uniting. In the new Government, I realize, I’m obliged to proceed in this way, the way of a Jewish and democratic State which showcases equal rights of all its citizens, irrespective of religion, race and gender.”

“Dear citizens of Israel, I promise to justify the confidence you gave me to lead the State of Israel in the face of the major challenges that we face them. I am proud to be Prime Minister of Israel, and it is an honor to serve you, to serve our country. And with your help, God willing, we will succeed.”

“Together with all the Israeli people, I pray for your success,” said Rivlin. “I pray that your hand should be steady and your spirit strong. Your success is our success. Your achievements, are our achievements.”

President Rivlin also commented that the country must not go back to elections in another two years.

“Sir, you receive today the appointment of forming the government. You have been awarded the trust of this dear people, ‘the dwellers of Zion.’ With the current challenges which lie before us, upon you rests the heavy responsibility to build a stable, and as inclusive as possible government, and as soon as can be achieved.”

“We stand behind you, as you embark upon this important, and complex task,” said Rivlin.