Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Jewish government must maintain a presence in the West Bank, even in the event of the creation of a Palestinian state.

Bibi made the comment via satellite at the Saban Forum, an annual event in Washington drawing together US and Israeli leaders.

“Any peace we have is likely to be initially a cold peace,” he said. “[A peace deal must allow] Israel to defend itself by itself. Those security arrangements must be based on Israel’s own forces.”

Netanyahu also touched on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program and the recent US-brokered agreement on an economic sanctions ease.

“We shouldn’t assume that more and tougher sanctions won’t lead to a better deal,” the Israeli leader said.

Netanyahu closed by addressing rumors that he maintains a frosty relationship with US President Barack Obama.

“Sometimes we differ because we have these different perspectives, but we always share our views honestly sincerely and respectfully,” he said.

“I don’t know if there are any other two leaders of the world today who speak more openly and more frequently on such matters.”