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The Holocaust forms the defining moment of Jewish memory. Six million Jews were stripped of clothing, hair and names and fed to an insatiable war machine.

And it was a machine, carefully oiled and maintained. Brainwashing propaganda, from posters and speeches to salutes and faux-science, kept it in beautiful working order. To look at archival footage of thousands of polished Nazi boots marching in perfect synchronization is to stare into the whirring cogs and gears of Hitler’s locomotive.

Even as the Allies charged across Europe, such films played an integral role in the Nazi war effort. A psudo-documentary film of concentration camp Terezín made in 1944 proving the benevolent protection of the Third Reich fooled the world. Some still believe its fabricated images.

Today, we should reflect on the truth and the lies propagated throughout the years. Then, as now, film is a powerful tool able to awaken and enrage as well as coddle and deceive. How far have we come from the Nazi’s self-serving portrayal of Terezín?