The Israeli Knesset on Wednesday passed a new counter-terrorism bill following six years of negotiations on the legislation.

“The terrorist attacks in Orlando and Tel Aviv show more than ever that there is no reason for terrorism. There are no excuses. It can only be vanquished through appropriate punishment and deterrence. The 2016 model of terrorism will receive a 2016 response,” said Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked after the bill’s approval in a 57-16 Knesset vote.

The bill increases penalties for terrorist activities in Israel. For example, a terrorist could face up to seven years of prison for threatening to commit a terror act. The measure also formalizes new terrorist offenses such as identifying with a terror group, incitement to terrorism, and negligence in preventing a terrorist act.

The legislation was supported by all of the political parties within Israel’s Knesset except for the Joint Arab List and Meretz.