A new Israeli technology could make water leaks in the home a thing of the past.

LeaksStop, based in the northern town of Adi, is currently piloting a home water management solution that can monitor usage and alert homeowners to leaks long before they become a problem.

When the LeaksStop system detects a leak, homeowners are notified by a text, which alerts them of the problem area so that it can be immediately remedied.

“If there are small leaks in the system, the LeaksStop will reduce them by 90 percent,” says Gil Senesh, head of business development.

The system also works by reducing water pressure when water is not in use, reducing the strain on the household plumbing.

“When you think about how often you use your water in washing machines, toilets and showers, it’s about three hours altogether in a day. So 90 percent of the time you are not using the water and are putting pressure on your pipes,” Senesh said. “This is what we are doing — lowering the pressure during non-consumption hours. During consumption, the pressure is increased in the line.”

As a result, the lowered pressure during down time does not impact the amount of pressure when you turn on the tap, allowing homeowners to enjoy their shower, while still reducing wear and tear on their pipes.

The water management box, which is expected to cost approximately $200, is also an important water-saving tool. The average home in the US wastes 10,000 gallons of water a year due to leaks, an amount that could be significantly reduced by the inexpensive LeaksStop system.

Still in development, the system is currently being piloted in northern Israel with the help of a grant from the Office of the Chief Scientist in Israel, but with strong interest from backers, Senesh is confident that the LeaksStop system will soon be available to consumers.

“We want to go to the next stage,” Senesh said.