The new prime minister of Italy has some major pro-Zionist tendencies.

Matteo Renzi, 39, was sworn into Italian parliament Saturday, along with his 16-member cabinet. The new leader served previously as mayor of Florence, and has gone on the record several times to back the Jewish state and denounce Iran’s nuclear ambitions.


“The main problem of the area is Iran–if we don’t solve that one we will not be able to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” Renzi, who has traveled to Israel in the past, said during his political campaign.

Renzi has also had some critical words for Palestine’s bid for UN statehood, which Israel views as an effort to get around direct negotiations with the Jewish state.

“Sometimes Israel exceeds its defense [actions], and we need to say it, but it is time for the Italian left to state unequivocally that Israel has a right to live without threats, because too often the left has had an inconceivable and unbearable anti-Israeli attitude,’’ Renzi said.

And during Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense, a military mission against Hamas in November 2012, he added: “Israel is a country that is surrounded by organizations that wish its destruction, starting with Iran.”

Renzi made history in his election, becoming the youngest prime minister to ever serve Italy.