Israel has long been a leader in solar energy innovation. Now, a brand new solar park in the Negev will light 15,000 homes with energy from the sun.

The 200 acre field of solar panels, located in Halutziot, is the largest ever constructed in Israel and according to the project developers will benefit both the economy and the environment in the years to come.

“The Halutziot project is one of the business ventures that everyone profits from,” Enlight CEO Gilad Yavetz said in an interview with the Globe. “The state increases its sources of energy, the public gets cleaner and cheaper electricity, the community where the project is located becomes a partner in the many benefits, such as employment and capital, and obviously the developers benefit from the development of a new industry.”

Using 180,000 solar panels to churn out 55 megawatts of power, the solar park also pushes Israel one step closer to relying on clean energy to power the country.

However, according to Yavetz, while the new solar park is part of a clean energy revolution, not everyone in Israel is eager to see solar energy take off and that needs to change.

The clean energy movement “is moving too slowly, and some are advocating slowing it down even more,” Yavetz laments.

He added, “I call on all the policy-makers in this matter to expedite the revolution, set high targets, as has been done in other developed countries, ease regulation, and allow this winning formula to multiply itself. Don’t look at the short term.”

The solar park cost an estimated 500 million NIS (1.28 million USD) to build. Developers estimate that the solar panels will bring in NIS 1.4 billion (360 million USD) over the next 20 years.