A San Francisco pop-up restaurant serving (sort of) fresh New York bagels last week drew hours-long lines–and ended up turning away many empty handed.

The event is being cited either as evidence of the demand for authentic New York bagels, or the apotheosis of West Coast hipster frenzy.


Mission district restaurant Dear Mom hosted the pop-up, called Eastside Bagels. Restaurateurs Sonya Haines and Wes Rowe had bagels shipped overnight from NYC institution Russ & Daughters. But they didn’t anticipated dozens of hungry San Franciscans lining up outside their restaurant in the rain before it even opened. Even prices of $6 for a bagel with cream cheese and $12 for a full lox sandwich weren’t enough to quell demand.

Reports came in through social media of customers waiting for hours, only to get turned away bagel-less. One Tweeter said even if customers were lucky enough to order, they would then wait another 45 minutes for their bagel.

One blogger dubbed it “peak pop-up pretentiousness,” summing up the episode as “throngs of bored foodies” waiting “’nearly two hours” for day-old New York bagels.

“Next time we know what to expect, and will be ready,” Rowe told the media.