The New York Post is taking flak for a cover story it ran Sunday on a slain Orthodox man, accompanied by the headline “Who Didn’t Want Him Dead?”

The story revolved around real estate developer Menachem Stark, 39, who was discovered dead Saturday in a New York dumpster. The Post’s story included a large image of Stark in his Hasidic shtreimel, with the subhead “Slumlord found burned in dumpster.”

The article claimed Stark had a number of foes with motive to kill him, and included a series of alleged crimes committed by Stark, like unpaid debt charges, unresolved building violations, and murky financial deals.

Local Jewish politicians were quick to condemn the Post’s insensitivity, with Assemblyman Dov Hikind posting on Facebook: “I understand that the New York Post wants to sell papers and that they are willing to sacrifice the standards of propriety from time to time. But there is a difference between bad taste and just plain indecency.”

“The pain that this headline caused to not only a man’s family but to the entire Jewish community is indescribable and was so unnecessary. It was a heartless act that should never have been allowed. It was truly beneath contempt.”

NY State Senator Simcha Felder said: “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the incredibly insensitive and crass cover of today’s New York Post which mocks the kidnapping and brutal murder of Menachem Stark…The Post must issue an immediate apology to the Stark family and to all New Yorkers for its egregious behavior and failure to exercise any judgment whatsoever in this matter.”

And Councilman David Greenfield added: “I am disgusted that the New York Post condoned the murder of a businessman, husband and father of eight. This clearly crosses the bounds of decency and demands an immediate apology from the newspaper to the grieving family and the entire community. The murder of an innocent man is not something to be celebrated in New York City. It’s a horrific tragedy and the Post’s coverage of this death is borderline anti-Semitic.”