Feeling like there weren’t enough Jews on your TV screen? You can rest easy, because reality TV is getting a bit more Chosen.

Those who watch “The Bachelor” may have been disappointed with the recent season finale, where Juan Pablo Galavis decided not to choose a winner and propose. But his loss is a former contestant’s gain.


Atlanta Assistant District Attorney (and nice Jewish girl) Andi Dorfman removed herself from the competition when she and Galavis butted heads, apparently over Juan Pablo’s narcissism. “I’ve never been with anyone who’s asked me so little about myself,” she commented. Even her father spoke out about how unlikable the Bachelor was, tweeting, “If I seemed over protective on The show. It is because I am protecting the most spectacular, special, amazing daughter in the world.”

Now Dorfman will have the chance to turn the tables and find a man from a group of suitors on the next season of “The Bachelorette.” Because, if there’s one place you can definitely find true love, it’s a reality TV competition where people regularly have sex in hot tubs. Ah, romance.

Maybe this season they’ll bring on a matchmaking bubbe?

J-Connection: Andi Dorfman is Jewish, if you couldn’t tell from her name.