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Nobu Adilman Named Editor Of 'Eater Toronto'


This month, television personality Nobu Adilman was named the new editor of popular food news site, Eater Toronto.

The Canadian television personality has long discussed his “Jewpanese identity,” and will be covering a city that’s already proud of its Jewish culinary heritage.


Adilman is already a veteran actor, producer, and entertainer. He has worked as a writer for the television series “Emily of New Moon” and “Cold Squad.” With his brother Mio, Adilman appeared as a drug dealer in “Trailer Park Boys.”

Since 2007, Adilman has hosted the Food Network Canada series “Food Jammers” (in the US, it airs on the Cooking Channel). In it, he and friends Micah Donovan and Chris Martin construct outlandish-looking homemade cooking equipment, including a charcoal-powered fryer and a food dehydrator.

Adilman’s father is Jewish. He is the son of late Toronto Star entertainment reporter Sid Adilman. In 2010, Adilman told Shalom Life that his father also wrote a weekly restaurant review of “cheap” but “high quality” spots: “…we spent a lot of Sundays driving all over the outskirts of Toronto unearthing rare culinary gems – and the restaurants most often were hole-in-the-walls run by new immigrants.”

More recently, Adilman discussed his heritage and the state of Jewish food in Toronto with The Jewish Daily Forward. Adilman said it was his Japanese mother, a career academic, who mastered home cooking. He says her Jewish dishes won over a skeptical mother-in-law, and her mandel broit is the envy of some Jewish-born cooks.

Discussing the city’s food scene, he praised Zane Caplansky, proprietor of the city’s most popular new Jewish deli.

“But it’ll take many more Zanes to really elevate the presence of Jewish food in the city,” Adilman said. “Institutions like Centre Street Deli, United Bakers Dairy Restaurant, and Moe Pancers continue to be standouts but it’s a real trek for the downtown crowd.”



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