Millions of teenage girls (and, let’s be honest, boys) all over the world are obsessed with One Direction star Harry Styles. Styles has an obsession of his own, but it’s not one you might expect. Sources say that the young star is dedicated to learning more about Judaism.

That’s right. The pop star is allegedly “obsessed” with the Jewish religion and is devotedly trying to learn Hebrew. The 19-year-old singer has already learned to write his name and his band’s name (you can’t really call them a band, can you?) in Hebrew, and he has a tattoo of his sister Gemma’s name in the language.

But just knowing the language isn’t enough. Apparently, Styles wants to know everything about Jewish culture. Styles’ close friend, director Ben Winston, has allegedly been giving Styles inside info about the Jewish religion and often invites the young superstar over for Shabbat dinner with his family. Winston even bought Styles an embroidered velvet yarmulke from Jerusalem. Will Styles be wearing that in the next One Direction music video?

The Algemeiner quoted Winston as saying that Harry Styles “loves the Jewish community and wearing a Magen David.” The director added that all the One Direction boys “love Judaism. They are fascinated by it and they enjoy the family atmosphere.” Another inside source told the Daily Star, “Harry also loves kosher food. He regularly visits kosher restaurants in New York.” Winston has since refuted the quotes used in these articles, claiming they were taken out of context, but there does seem to be ample evidence of Styles’ interest in Judaism.

Styles even fasted for Yom Kippur this year. The night before the fast he tweeted, “Eating as much as I can now. Gonna be a tough 25 hours. My problem is I am always hungry straight after kol nidre. Fast well everyone!”

Fasting is commitment, the Jews know.