Light My Fire App Brings Hanukkah to Your Smartphone

The Jewish Museum has updated its Hanukkah app, Light My Fire, including some great features.

Kosher Cooking School Devises Knish Recipe To Aid 'Knish Crisis'

A Jewish cooking school has stepped up to recreate iconic knishes not currently available due to a factory fire.

Granddaughter of Hamas Leader Treated in Israeli Hospital

The granddaughter of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh was treated in an Israeli hospital recently, according to Palestinian reports.

Fallon and Crystal in 'Schmuck Dynasty'

Jimmy Fallon and Billy Crystal have teamed up to bring the world something we surely all were waiting for: "Schmuck Dynasty."

Survey Showing High Anti-Semitism in Hungary Flawed, Officials Say

A survey that showed a high fear of anti-Semitism among Hungarian Jews used flawed polling, officials are now saying.

IDF Speaks: I Watched a Firebomb Fly Towards Me

An IDF combat photographer shares his account of being caught in the middle of a firebomb attack in the West Bank.