Sheldon Adelson reportedly offering to fund US Embassy move to Jerusalem

The State Department is looking into the legal aspects of accepting private donations for a government building.

500 Icelandic physicians back bill to outlaw circumcision

Some of Belgium's most senior doctors also supported the legislation, which Jewish groups staunchly oppose.

NRA chief singles out George Soros and Michael Bloomberg as ‘socialists’

Wayne LaPierre, speaking at a conservative conference, accused deep-pocketed gun control proponents of planning to "eliminate all our freedoms."

Florida congressman’s kids are using hamantaschen to help end gun violence

The college-aged children of Rep. Ted Deutch are organizing the Bake Action Against Gun Violence initiative.

The accusations against Benjamin Netanyahu: What you need to know

Is this the beginning of the end of the Bibi Netanyahu era, or just the latest challenge to a seasoned political survivor?

Survivors, grieving parents of slain Florida students confront lawmakers

One student called on Sen. Marco Rubio to turn down campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association; the Republican lawmaker demurred.