In Holland, a former jihadist reaches out to Jews for forgiveness

Jason Walters, who belonged to the Netherlands' deadliest jihadist cell, broke his 15-year-long silence with a heartfelt apology to the country's main Jewish paper.

UN General Assembly condemns Israel for Gaza violence

The world body also rejected U.S.-led amendments that condemned Hamas.

Iraq’s Miss Universe poses for more photos with her Israeli counterpart...

The family of Miss Iraq was forced to flee Iraq after a photo of her and Miss Israel was posted in December 2017.

Republican voters nominate ‘alt-right’ candidate for Virginia Senate

Corey Stewart said he regrets calling Paul Nehlen his "personal hero."

5 Jewish baseball players hit home runs on the same day

Ryan Braun, Alex Bregman, Ian Kinsler, Kevin Pillar and Joc Pederson made Jewish sports history.

Warren Buffett helps raise $80 million in Israel Bonds

The three Israel Bonds events hosted by Buffett in the last 18 months raised investments totaling $290 million.