Israel attacks Syrian targets in response to mortar fire on Golan

At least two Syrian deaths were announced in connection with the attacks, which reportedly hit two tanks that fired the mortars and the position from where the mortars were fired.

Bill giving Rabbinate control over all conversions in Israel advances

The bill that would require the state to recognize only conversions completed under the auspices of the haredi Orthodox-dominated Chief Rabbinate will advance to the Knesset plenum, where it has to pass three readings.

Meetings cancelled with Netanyahu following Western Wall decision

A ceremony to kick off the Board of Governors meeting scheduled for Monday at the Knesset also was cancelled.

Gal Gadot ranked most popular actor on social media

The Hollywood Reporter's Top Actors list is a ranking of the most popular actors on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus.

Adelson questioned for 2nd time in corruption case against Netanyahu

Adelson first met with investigators in May when he and his wife visited Israel in connection with President Donald Trump's visit.

Suspension of Western Wall deal leaves Jewish leaders feeling betrayed

Non-Orthodox leaders are figuring out how to respond to the suspension, beyond continued vocal protest.