French-Jewish Groups Decry Election of Anti-Semitic Candidates

Jewish groups in France are bemoaning the election of several candidates from the far-right National Front party, which some have accused of anti-Semitism.

Rewriting History: Aspirin, the Nazis and One Man’s Pursuit of the...

Sneader was certain he had uncovered the truth about the discovery of the world’s most successful and widely used drug: aspirin.

Simon Cowell Names Pop Star as Baby Eric's Godmother

Simon Cowell has named former pop star Sinitta as godmother to his baby son.

Israeli Researchers Claim Cities are Key to a Sustainable Future

With a population boom expected by 2030, innovations should be focused on creating greener urban spaces to accommodate a growing trend toward urbanization.

Watch Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris Sing a 'Les Mis'...

The castmates appeared recently on 'Inside the Actor's Studio' and burst into song at the request of an audience member. Thank you random do-gooder!

Austria Accepts Its 'Joint Responsibility' for Holocaust Crimes, President Says

Israeli President Shimon Peres attended a Holocaust memorial ceremony with Austrian President Heinz Fischer in Vienna’s Judenplatz town square on Sunday.