Netanyahu Family Bundles Up for the Cold

While Israelis recover from an uncharacteristic snowstorm, Benjamin Netanyahu used the occasion to spread some winter wisher of his own today.

Pictures from Israel’s Massive Snowstorm

Israel experienced a hefty snowfall yesterday into today, uncharacteristic of the desert region.

Israel Researchers Say Virus in Sewers Helps Fight Drug-Resistant Infections

Hebrew University researchers are hoping to fight drug-resistant bacteria with a virus they discovered in Jerusalem sewage.

Israeli Designer Gets Married At Fashion Week Debut

Israeli designer Idan Cohen not only made his Fashion Week debut this season, but he also made Fashion Week history by getting married under the tents.

First Snow Baby Born in Israel

An infant girl was delivered on Thursday night, February 19 in Jerusalem during a massive snowstorm that swept the capital.

NY Changes Pre-K Rules to Allow for Jewish Prayer

New York is altering the regulations of its universal prekindergarten program to allow for Jewish prayer and the scheduling preferences of Orthodox Jews.