Kirk Douglas, Jewish ‘Ragman’s Son’ Turned Movie Star, Still Earning Accolades

Douglas was born Issur Danielovitch in New York to poor, Yiddush-speaking Jewish immigrants from Gomel.

Israeli Entrepreneur Revives Old Method of Combining Fish Farming with Agriculture

An Israeli entrepreneur is combining modern technology with an age-old technique that combines fishing with agriculture.

World Jewry Mourns the Loss of Mandela, 'A Man of Vision'

Today, world Jewish leaders and organizations joined a chorus of voices mourning the loss of Nelson Mandela.

Rube Goldberg: The Man Who Laughed at Doing Things the Hard...

The name Rube Goldberg has become synonymous with long, gratuitously complex chain-reaction devices that ultimately perform a very simple task.

Dutch Museum Wants to Block Building of Holocaust Memorial

A Dutch museum wants to stop a planned memorial for victims of the Holocaust.

Plaintiffs Granted $81 Million in Jerusalem Suicide Bombing Case

Five US citizens have been granted a share of $81 million in compensation for a 1997 terror attack in Jerusalem.