Israeli Archaeologists Find Ancient Bronze Mask by Sea of Galilee

An archaeological excavation near the Sea of Galilee has unearthed a large bronze mask of the god Pan.

Israel Allows 1,000 Tons of Cement into Gaza Strip

Israeli officials permitted a shipment of 1,000 tons of cement into Gaza as part of efforts to rebuild the territory following last summer’s war there.

Israeli Singer Performs Hava Nagila in Paris to Protest Anti-Semitism

A city where anti-Semitic attacks occur on a daily basis may not seem an obvious backdrop for an Israeli production of a music video titled Hava Nagila.

Bibi’s First Interview Post-Election: ‘I Want Sustainable, Peaceful Two-State Solution’

In his first interview since Israel's election, Netanyahu seemed to backtrack on far right statements against a two-state solution.

British Prime Minister Pledges Funds to Protect Synagogues & Jewish Sites

David Cameron pledged millions of dollars in new funds to Jewish schools and synagogues to be used for security.

Parents of Turin Chief Rabbi Among Tunis Terror Attack Survivors

Two Italian Jewish tourists were among the survivors of yesterday's terror attack on the Bardo Museum in Tunis, Tunisia.