New Initiative Brings Daily Bible Learning To Wider Israeli Society

This was a part of 929, a new initiative created to bring daily bible learning to the wider Israeli society.

Dozens in Gaza Storm UN Compound Over Funds Dispute

Dozens of rioters in Gaza stormed a United Nations compound after the UN said that it was halting payments to Gazan families due to a lack of funds.

Amanda Peet Not Originally a Fan of Husband’s ‘Game of Thrones’...

Amanda Peet revealed some startling news this week--she was not originally a fan of Game of Thrones, the show her husband co-created.

Wild-Born Mazor Farm Monkeys Start New Life in Leafy Sanctuary

The last of the wild-born monkeys leave Mazor Farms for good.

Cabaret Icon Joel Grey ‘Comes Out’ At 82

Oscar-winning actor and Broadway legend Joel Grey has come out as a gay man at the age of 82.

Lebanese Christian Leader Criticizes Hezbollah for Attack on Israel

Geagea, a well known Lebanese Christian leader in the country’s anti-Hezbollah political alliance, denounced Hezbollah’s attack on Israel.