Israel Targets Gaza Terrorist Behind Recent Rockets

The Israeli Air Force targeted a Palestinian terrorist Sunday in the Gaza Strip.

Jacques Derrida—Jewish Genius or French Charlatan?

Jacques Derrida was either a genius who changed the way we see the world through novel analysis, or a charlatan who almost ruined colleges around the world.

Lena Dunham Gets Back at Howard Stern

Lena Dunham finally gets back at Stern after 'little fat girl' comment.

Exploring Romantic Spots in St. Petersburg

Despite the chilly climate, when it comes to romance the magic of St. Petersburg can warm even the coldest heart.

Jason Biggs Throws Dog Bar Mitzvah

Jason Biggs must be one proud canine owner—his pup just became a bar mitzvah.

Israel’s Desert Borders Guarded By Bedouin IDF Trackers

The IDF has a lot of ground to cover on its border with the Gaza Strip, Egypt and Jordan. But it’s got an ace up its sleeve.