Birthright Israel Winter Trips Have Largest Enrollment Ever

More than 17,000 Jewish young adults will participate in the Birthright Israel free 10-day tours in the upcoming season.

Noa, Noam Top Favorite Jewish Baby Names in Israel

Noa and Noam are the most popular names for Jewish girls and boys respectively in Israel.

Sammy Davis, Jr: The Black Jewish Star Who Shone In Technicolor

Born to African American and Cuban-American Christian parents, Sammy Davis, Jr converted to Judaism after almost losing his life in a car accident in 1954.

Washington Lights Up for History-Making Hanukkah

The White House made Hanukkah history this year, hosting two official parties to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Kirk Douglas, Jewish ‘Ragman’s Son’ Turned Movie Star, Still Earning Accolades

Douglas was born Issur Danielovitch in New York to poor, Yiddush-speaking Jewish immigrants from Gomel.

Israeli Entrepreneur Revives Old Method of Combining Fish Farming with Agriculture

An Israeli entrepreneur is combining modern technology with an age-old technique that combines fishing with agriculture.