Jon Stewart's Hilarious Take on the Christie Traffic Kerfuffle

So, have you heard about some traffic scandal involving Chris Christie?

Israeli Celebrity Chef Opens Pita Restaurant In Paris

Although Miznon fuses French and Israeli flavors, the city’s Jewish community is flocking to the restaurant for a taste of authentic food and atmosphere.

Judith Leiber: The First and Last Name in Handbags

Her name could quite easily have been on display at Yad Vashem. Instead it appeared on “Sex and the City.”

Dutch Financial Body Boycotts Israel

A Dutch financial body has announced it will no longer work with Israeli banks, citing the Jewish state’s presence in the West Bank as reason.

Israeli-US Research Sheds New Light on Source of Depression

Israeli and American researchers have teamed up to prove depression tendencies in individuals exposed to prolonged periods of stress.

Beshalach: Teaching Love to Our Children

There is no way of preaching love; if we are genuinely there for our children, they will learn how to care for others.