Mila Kunis Speaks Out Against Violence in Her Native Ukraine

Ukrainian-born actress Mila Kunis spoke out today about the violence in her native country, calling the situation 'truly heartbreaking.'

Top 10 Israeli Billionaires of 2014

Israel boasts 18 of the world's richest people, though the highest ranking Israeli billionaire is number 191 on Forbes list.

Va'yikrah: Taking Nothing for Granted

The next time you enter a shul, think about the fact that you're standing in a place that houses the holy Torah scrolls, a place where G-d is present.

IDF Stories: Ben Upholds the Humanitarian Corridor During Operation Cast Lead

Intel is discovered during Israel’s period of ceasefire during Operation Cast Lead. Ben had to decide: uphold the ban, or take out the terrorists?

Steven Spielberg Eyeing ‘West Side Story’ Remake

Executives at Fox have released the title for a remake after hearing Spielberg is keen to develop the movie.

US Says It Was Ready to Aid in Interception of Iran...

The White House confirmed today that it had prior knowledge of Israel’s successful attempts to intercept a shipment of Iranian weapons to Gaza.