Denmark Muslims Allowed to Form Peace Ring at Synagogue, After Initial...

Muslims in Denmark are allowed to create a peace ring around a Copenhagen synagogue that came under a deadly attack recently.

ISIS Execution Video Shows Killing of Alleged Mossad Agent, Israeli Man

ISIS released a video today that appeared to show the execution of an Israeli Arab that the terror group claims was operating as a Mossad spy.

EU Task Force on Anti-Semitism Gains Support from Italy

A high-ranking European Commission official has put her support behind a move to create a European Union task force on anti-Semitism.

British-Christian Groups Make Declaration of Support for Israel as ‘Safe Have’

Christian groups in Britain are crafting a declaration that expresses appreciation for Israel as a safe haven for Middle East Christians.

Battle Over Schindler Documents To Be Heard In Israeli Court

A legal battle is playing out in Jerusalem over documents belonging to Schindler including personal copies of the lists of Jews he saved form the Holocaust.

Mass. Officials Pass Historic Motion Against Anti-Semitism

Massachusetts officials approved a resolution condemning anti-Semitism and calling for expanded anti-bias and Holocaust education.