Yemen Al-Qaeda Claims It Was Behind Charlie Hebdo Attack

Al-Qaeda's Yemen branch claimed responsibility for the terror attack on the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which left 12 dead last week.

Billy Joel Headlining Bonnaroo Music Festival

Billy Joel is proving once again that he's got the stuff to hang with the new kids.

Rep. Weber Sorry for Hitler-Obama Comparison

Representative Randy Weber has apologized for remarks he made via Twitter equating Obama’s absence from the solidarity rally in Paris with Hitler’s actions.

‘Wet Hot American Summer’ to Become Jewish Summer Camp Netflix Series

The all-star cast of cult comedy hit Wet Hot American Summer is getting back together for an eight-episode Netflix series.

BBC Reporter Tells French Jewish Woman ‘Palestinians Suffer at Jewish Hands’

BBC reporter Tim Wilcox told a woman he was interviewing at the huge unity rally in Paris that Palestinians are suffering at Jewish hands.

Historic Aircraft Used to Rescue Iraqi Jews to Be Returned to...

An aircraft used in 1947’s Operation Michaelberg, during which 100 Iraqi Jews were rescued, will soon be brought to Israel.