Germany Begins Process of Returning Nazi-Looted Art from $1 Billion Trove

German officials agreed yesterday to return six paintings to Jewish heirs, pieces that were part of a $1 billion stash recently uncovered in an art collector’s home.

Israeli-Born Artist Nir Hod Takes Art Basel Art Show By Storm

Israeli artist Nir Hod appears to have pulled off something of an art world coup this month.

Same-Sex Penguin Pair Discovered at Tel Aviv Zoo

Zookeepers at Ramat Gan Safari in Tel Aviv recently discovered an unusual penguin pairing. Two jackass penguins, both females, have become lifemates.

Jspace Featured .ORG: Moatza Mekomit

Never in NY has the Israeli community been represented by a single body until this past year.

Stallone and De Niro Packed Real Punches for 'Grudge Match'

In the filming for "Grudge Match," Stallone, 67, and De Niro, 70, packed real punches and took genuine hits while they were in the ring together.

We Bet You Didn’t Know: 10 Innovations Used Worldwide that Originated...

Many aren’t aware of the number of products that derive from Israeli inventions. Scroll to learn more about Israel's innovations through the years.