A-List Jews Cameo in Jimmy Kimmel YouTube Trailer Spoofs

The best part of Jimmy Kimmel’s show has to be the videos it produces, the most recent of which are a series of fake movie trailers based on YouTube memes.

Iran Says It Will Halt Arms Smuggling to Gaza Until Intel...

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has said it will pause arms smuggling efforts into Gaza until it can determine who is leaking intel to Israel.

Netanyahus Mingle with Hollywood's Brightest

Remember that time Benjamin Netanyahu hung out with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Hudson and Keanu Reeves?

Lena Dunham to Pen Archie Comics Series

As if we weren’t inundated with enough of Lena Dunham, now Dunham is extending her influence to a whole new audience: comic book nerds.

Shimon Peres in Virtual Q&A with Arab World

Israeli President Shimon Peres sat down for a live interview with Arab news site Panet today, answering questions from citizens from across the Middle East.

Chelsea Handler Admits to Drug Use at Jane Fonda's House

Comedienne Chelsea Handler was once left unable to move at a party at Jane Fonda's house after taking a double dose of Quaaludes.