Jewish Teen Helps Fight Malaria in Africa

Like many young people, Olivia Kessler wasn't aware of malaria’s devastating global death toll.

Joseph Pulitzer: A Name That Lives On in Print

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7 Jewish Actresses to Watch for in 2014

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April 12, 1955: Salk Creates Polio Vaccine

When Jewish scientist Jonas Salk first invented his polio vaccine, he was celebrated as a miracle worker by the international community.

Newly Displayed Letter Details 1917 Proposal for Jewish State in Saudi...

Days before Britain promised to help Zionists create a homeland, a Russian Jew floated an idea that, if accepted, would have changed the course of a nation.

Paul Rudd in Hilarious Billy on the Street Video

Billy on the Street is back, and this time he’s running around New York with one of our favorite Jewish actors.