Forbes Asks: Is Kosher The Next Big Thing?

A contributor to Forbes suggests that kosher will be the “next big food trend,” as it expands beyond observant Jews.

US and Israel to Hold Military Drill After Iran Deal Expires

Israel and the US will host a joint military drill next year, just as the Iran interim nuclear deal should reach its deadline.

Gal Gadot Mourns Loss of Co-Star Paul Walker

Israeli model/actress Gal Gadot has shared her thoughts on the passing of her friend and co-star, Paul Walker.

Bob Dylan Sued in France for 'Inciting Hate'

Bob Dyan has been charged in France for “public insult and inciting hate.”

Persons with Disabilities Still Face Barriers to Inclusion in Israeli Society

This week, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon issued a statement calling for employment opportunities for persons with disability worldwide.

Harper to World: 'Israel Will Always Have Canadian Support'

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has reiterated his nation’s staunch support for the Jewish state.