IDF Stories: Lital Volunteers for Combat

Lital was faced with the same choice as Israeli teens. Enlisting in the IDF was a given, but where to serve provided a dilemma.

Jspace Quotables: 5 Memorable Quotes from Isaac Asimov

This prolific writer garnered a devoted following, and is considered a master of the science fiction genre.

Watch Rare Interview Footage from Otto Frank, Anne Frank's Father

Following the war, Otto Frank, a survivor of Auschwitz, acted as a voice for his young daughter Anne.

April 6, 1903: The Kishinev Pogrom

This week marks the anniversary of the Kishinev pogrom, an anti-Jewish riot that left 49 Jewish citizens dead, over 500 wounded and 2,000 families homeless.

Jonathan Pollard—The 'Spy Who Should Never Have Been'

There are few issues as emotionally charged and divisive among American Jews as the case of Jonathan Pollard.

Regina Spektor Welcomes Baby Boy to the World

The 'Fidelity' hitmaker announced the good news on her page on Tuesday, though she did not say when her little boy came into the world.