Ukraine Jews Pray Psalms of Peace as Country in Tumult

Kiev Jews gathered Wednesday to pray for their country, hours after a police raid in Independence Square left dozens injured.

Lebanese Sniper Kills Israeli Soldier Along Border

An Israeli soldier was killed yesterday by a Lebanese sniper along the Israeli-Lebanese border.

A Director’s 74-Year-Old Mother Dissects Pop Culture

Joshua Seftel's series “My Mom On Movies” has the Jewish director interviewing his 76-year-old mother Pat about entertainment over video chat.

IAF Aims for Clean Tech Force By 2033

The Blue Going Green campaign is working to make the IAF more environmentally friendly, so that it will be a net-zero-energy air force by 2033.

'Billy on the Street' Gets Some Hilarious Hasidic-Holiday Flair

Billy Eichner is one of our favorite Jewish comedians, and now he’s teaming up with Amy Poehler, one of our fave funny ladies.

Palestinian President Denounces Boycott of All Israeli Goods

The president of Palestine doesn’t support a boycott of Israel, a stance that is drawing ire from some pro-Palestinians.