James Franco’s Strange Attempts to Woo a 17-Year-Old

James Franco is at the center of a media circus, after he reportedly attempted to woo a Scottish schoolgirl.

Harvey Milk to Be Featured on Commemorative Stamp

Harvey Milk will grace an upcoming commemorative forever stamp set for release next month.

5 Amazing Magic Tricks from David Blaine

David Blaine just might be our favorite Jewish magician (there's more than you think). We've compiled here five of our favorite Blaine tricks.

Gaza Terrorists Fire Four Missiles at Israel

Israeli Air Force jets struck five targets in the Gaza Strip on Thursday night in response to rocket fire from Gaza.

Soccer Star Anelka Says French PM Controlled by Jewish Wife

Soccer star Nicolas Anelka said the Jewish wife of French Prime Minister Manuel Valls influenced the politician to oppose the quenelle salute.

Mike Wallace and Israel: A Complicated Legacy

Legendary journalist Mike Wallace, who in April 2012 at 93, was a passionate, provocative interviewer.