David Arquette Expecting Baby Boy

Courteney Cox confirmed that her ex-husband David Arquette is set to become a dad again--his girlfriend is expecting a son.

Israel Is Americans' 6th Favorite Nation

Israel is the sixth favorite nation among Americans, according to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center.

Northwestern Player Becomes First to Wear Kippah in Big 10 Game

An Orthodox student made history Sunday, becoming the first Big Ten basketball player to don a kippah during a game.

Palestinian Firm First to Partner with New Israeli Gas Field

A Palestinian firm is officially the first to sign a deal to purchase gas from Israel’s new natural gas field, Leviathan.

One Direction's Harry Styles is Obsessed with Judaism

One Direction star Harry Styles is allegedly “obsessed” with the Jewish religion and is devotedly trying to learn Hebrew.

Why Does Jewish Culture Traditionally Hate Mayonnaise?

Generally, mayo is fine for Jews, as long as it’s not on our beloved cured deli meats.