Israeli Domino's First to Launch Vegan Pizza

An Israeli vegan advocacy group has convinced Domino's to make its first ever vegan pizza.

Israeli Leaders React to Reports of US, Britain Spying on Prime...

Israeli leaders reacted to news that US and British intelligence agencies spied on Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu and his predecessor Ehud Olmert.

Edelstein Denies Request for Christmas Tree at Knesset

Speaker Yuli Edelstein denied the request of a Christian lawmaker to display a Christmas tree at the Knesset, saying that doing so would be inappropriate.

Bomb Explodes on Israeli Bus After Driver Evacuates Passengers

A bomb exploded on a public bus in Bat Yam Sunday afternoon after all passengers had been evacuated thanks to the bus driver and an observant passenger.

JNF Distributes Free Christmas Trees in Jerusalem

This year in Jerusalem, thanks to a partnership between the Jerusalem Municipality and JNF, Christians can get their own Arizona Cedar for free.

Va'eirah: Morals for Sale

In capitalist America, just about everything is up for sale, so we think the same of mitzvot. But morals cannot be bought and sold.