Jspace Quotables: 10 Memorable Quotes About the Holocaust

Countless survivors, victims, Nazi hunters and Righteous gentiles have shaped our understanding of the Holocaust.

Anatoly Shapiro, the Soviet Jew who Helped Liberate Auschwitz

When Anatoly Shapiro, a Jewish officer, entered Auschwitz in January 1945, he confronted death on a scale no warfare could have prepared him for.

Jspace Quotables: 10 Movie Quotes About the Holocaust

The scope of the tragedy of the Holocaust captured world attention. Reflect on the legacy of WWII with these 10 movie quotes about the Holocaust.

Rabbi Wins First MMA Match with TKO

A California rabbi has won his first Mixed Martial Arts match, winning out by a technical knockout.

Israel Sets Sights on Sending 2nd Astronaut to Space

Israel has aims to send its second astronaut into space, and has already taken steps to that end.

BREAKING: 15 Israeli Navy Sailors Injured in Ship Fire

A group of Israeli sailors are being treated for injuries following a fire onboard a patrol ship off Gaza.