Peres Receives Knesset Petition for Pollard's Release

Israeli President Shimon Peres formally received a petition for the release of Jonathan Pollard, a text signed by 108 Knesset members.

We Bet You Didn't Know: 5 Fun Facts About Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal—actor, writer, producer, director--is a beloved American icon.

World in Color: The Story of Will Eisner

In the course of his career, Eisner pretty much spanned the history of comics while remaining an innovator throughout all that time.

Remembering Rostov: Holocaust Memorial Brouhaha Settled In Russia

Representatives of Russian Jews killed by Nazis 71 years ago have convinced officials to replace a memorial plaque some felt downplayed the massacre.

Orthodox Union Certifies Quinoa as Kosher for Passover

The Orthodox Union, the largest kosher organization in the world, announced recently that quinoa will now be certified kosher for Passover.

Bo: Character Over Capital

In this week's Torah portion, we learn about how the Jewish people were instructed to sacrifice a lamb.